Mom outraged after child walks away from school

Mom outraged after child walks away from school
Russell Van Liew
Russell Van Liew

BARBERTON, OH (WOIO) - 8-year-old Russell Van Liew says he was frightened after he decided to walk out of school Monday morning all because he was curious.

"I wanted to see what it was like. I was scared," says Van Liew.

The 3rd grader at Barberton Elementary East dropped a lunch ticket at the cafeteria and was supposed to head back to class, but instead, he decided to head outside. He says he then panicked.

"I got myself locked. I tried to open three doors and then I couldn't get myself back in," says Van Liew.

Afraid, Russell tried to run home, several miles away. A couple noticed him running and called Barberton Police.

An officer spotted him at the intersection of Van Buren and Fairview, a mile away from school.

Russell was gone at least 30 minutes.

"That's not something he would typically do. I was upset. I was confused," says Russell's mother Shakita Van Liew.

Russell's mom says the school didn't call her until more than two hours after the officer dropped Russel off. "As a parent I should have been the first people to be notified. I understand there were a bunch of people looking for him, but, one person could have taken time out to call me, that's serious."

Shakita says she saw some surveillance video of Russell walking out but is demanding answers as to why this happened.

"He could have easily gotten snatched," said Shakita.

As of late Monday the Barberton Superintendent had not returned 19 Action News' calls.

Russell's mom tells us he won't be going back to school until she figures out exactly what happened.

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