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School Responds: Child walks out of Barberton Elementary School East

Russell Van Liew Russell Van Liew
Barberton Elementary School East Barberton Elementary School East

Barberton Elementary School East officials are responding after a student walked out of the school on Monday morning.

Russell Van Liew, 8, says he walked out of his school because he was "curious." Once outside, the doors locked behind him and he was unable to get back inside. He started to walk down the street. Police picked up home a mile down the road, and took him back to school.

Van Liew's mother was upset because she wasn't notified until hours later.

The school has released the following statement:

On the morning of Monday, October 21, 2013 a student was chosen by his teacher to deliver information to the school cafeteria. The student decided not to go back to his classroom, but rather to leave the building. We believe he tried to get back inside, but he did not go to the main door on Robinson where he could have gained access by pressing the buzzer and the secretary would have let him in. He began to walk down the street, but we are unclear where he planned to go.

The classroom teacher alerted building administration that the student did not return to class. A search was made of the building. When he was not found, Barberton Police were informed. Apparently a passerby also saw the boy and called the police. An officer found the boy, brought him back to the building and reported to the principal that the boy had been locked out of the building. At that time the principal was not aware that he had gone off the school grounds. When that was discovered, the parents were called and informed.

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