Cleveland schools address this years significant hiring

CMSD addressing significant hiring
CMSD addressing significant hiring

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District will address the board about its significant hiring within the district.

CEO Eric Gordon will brief the board on the challenges and progress of the districts first significant hiring in the past 15 years.

"This is the first time in 15 years that CMSD has done any significant hiring, and the process has been further influenced by the resignation and retirement of 51 additional employees since the start of the school year," Gordon said.

The CMSD requires 2,784 teachers to staff its classrooms, including nearly 2, 000 K-8 Teachers and more than 900 high school teachers.

"The process has been further influenced by our commitment to staffing schools in the most thoughtful and thorough way and by our conscious effort to keep our promise to reduce class sizes," Gordon added.

These factors increased the number of teachers the district needed to hire this year-in total, 253 new teachers.

Since April, CMSD recalled 28 teachers and screened and interviewed 362 candidates for the 253 open teaching positions.

Currently, the district has 84 open teaching positions.  CMSD is actively seeking to fill positions in Special Education, Bi-Lingual Education, and in Secondary English, Math and Science and other areas.

Meanwhile, CMSD has 476 substitute teachers who have been filling not only the district's open positions, but who also cover teacher absences.

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