Consumers showing mixed feelings over early Black Friday openings

The calendar hasn't gotten past Halloween and already stores displaying their Christmas items.

"I think it's horrible that they're going to be open for the holidays," Karen Hunt tells 19 Action News.

You can call it what you want, but, it's the new reality.  Now, for the first time, Macy's, JCPenny, and Kohl's are opening their doors Thanksgiving evening to try to draw in the Black Friday crowd a day early.

We caught up with several shoppers at the Westfield Mall in North Olmsted and many are not too 'thankful' for the latest shopping push.

"Let their families enjoy their families for the holidays," Hunt said.

Lisa Strang isn't too pleased about the early openings, "I have to work a lot of times on holidays, so it's always nice when I can be home."

The retail chains are hoping the earlier start will bring in better numbers from last year's Black Friday sales.

Some people see the early shopping as a way to boost the economy.

Reporter Tiffani Tucker asked one shopper, "You would come out and shop Thanksgiving night, if there are good sales?"

"If it's open and there were good sales," Bruce Taylor responded. 

"If he comes out I'll come out with him, save a few bucks, what the heck," Chris Taylor said with a laugh. 

So, after you've gobbled up your turkey, tasted the stuffing and had that slice of pie, you have the choice to shop till you drop.

"Wait 'till Friday and they push the holidays too much anyway," Hunt added.

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