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Seniors warned about phone scams


Criminals are coming up with new ways to scam older adults every day.

Attorney General Mike DeWine wants to help your family prevent them from becoming victims.

Scam artists call pretending to be the victim's grandchild and explain that they're out of the country, in trouble and need money.

The scams are very elaborate. Some scam artists even know personal information including nicknames.

They eventually persuade the victim to send money immediately before they have time to even realize they're being scammed.

The Attorney General's website demonstrates several scams to warn Ohioans about.

Here are some tips the attorney general is offering families:

-Don't trust your caller ID.

-Scammers can disguise the number that appears on your phone.

-Be suspicious of calls from out of the country.

-Ask the caller a question only your grandchild would know.

-Call your grandchild or parents to verify the story.

-Never wire money.

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