Editorial: Speed Cameras

WOIO Editorial: Speed Cameras

(WOIO) - In just a week's time, 4,600 drivers got nailed by Cleveland's new portable speed cameras including the city's own Safety Director Marty Flask.

Now for some, Flask's $100 ticket is "just desserts" for implementing a system they say- and we agree- has little to do with increased safety and plenty to do with padding the city's coffers.

Five of the portable cameras are now in service with ten more planned. Now that's on top of the many stationary traffic cameras already preying on unsuspecting motorists.

Now, we're all for enforcing traffic laws, especially in school zones and high-accident areas, but the addition of these portable cameras is nothing but a municipal money grab. Last year alone, the city collected $6 million from motorists caught by automatic cameras.

State lawmakers are considering a bill to put the brakes on traffic cams and passage of that bill…can't come soon enough.

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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