Norv knows quarterbacks

Berea, OH (WOIO) - Jason Campbell vs. Alex Smith. Two veteran quarterbacks. Two players who have overcome adversity. And Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner knows them well.

It was Turner who helped Smith bounce back from a dismal rookie year in San Francisco, working with the second-year pro in 2006, before leaving to become head coach of the San Diego Chargers. Norv's departure led to more struggles for Smith, until Jim Harbaugh arrived in 2011 and helped Smith get back on track. Turner said recently-benched Brandon Weeden could learn from Smith's experiences.

"When I got there, it was his (Smith) second year, and not many people in San Francisco thought he could play. But he had a good year, the year I was there, and then we all know he struggled for a few years, before the new staff arrived. I think you just have to keep working", Turner said at his weekly press conference on Thursday.

But this weekend, it's Jason Campbell's turn, a veteran with 71 NFL starts under his belt.

"I think the challenge for us is getting on the same page", Turner said, adding it will be especially important to work on snap counts as they head into Arrowhead Stadium, the loudest venue in the NFL.

Turner taught Smith well. For one week, anyway, Browns fans are hoping he didn't teach him too well.

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