Editorial: Parking Meter Collectors

WOIO Editorial: Parking Meter Collectors

(WOIO) - The city of Cleveland has 3,000 parking meters, but only three employees assigned to empty the meters.  You'd think they'd have enough to keep them busy.

But a Carl Monday investigation recently found the coin collectors are shortchanging the taxpayers. Spending only a couple hours a day actually working and most of the day loafing, hiding in their vehicles and sleeping their shifts away.

(Now, keep in mind, these coin collectors have thousands of dollars in the back of their city vans, posing a security risk to city funds, as well as to the workers themselves.)

Now, according to recent reports, greater Cleveland has the highest job losses in the nation.   You would think the city could find someone who wants to put in a full days work, for a full day's pay. We think that - like the meters they empty - the workers' time with the city should expire immediately.

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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