Officers in deadly shooting pulled back off the streets

Officers in deadly shooting pulled back off the streets

We've found officers under investigation went back to patrol carrying guns for months but now police brass says they shouldn't be out there.

The officers were involved in a shooting after a massive chase last November. Cleveland police fired 137 shots and  killed a driver and passenger.

In June, we reported, most involved in the shooting had gone back to regular duty carrying guns, responding to your calls and even working in the gang impact squad.

But now, after all this time. The chief has decided--no.

The chief wants all 13 officers involved doing desk jobs, kept off the streets until a county prosecutor decides on any criminal charges.

How didn't top brass know those cops were back on the streets for months?

The lawyer for the family of the woman killed in that shooting spoke out.

David Malik said, "it's a corrupt police department that does not pass truthful information up to city hall. This is the result."

We went to the chief's office. A spokesman told us, "they were all brought back in as a result of them needing to be on administrative duty. That's what the chief wanted them on."

We asked Sgt. Sammy Morris how they ended up back on the streets in the first place. He said, "we're reviewing that."

The police union had fought to get the officers back on the street. They'd been cleared to go back to work. The union is asking questions too.

No word when the county prosecutor will decide on charges. It's not clear how long the officers will be off the street.

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