Trick-or-Treating with your four legged friend can be dog gone fun

Trick-or-Treating with your four legged friend can be dog gone fun

Dozens of dogs and their owners turned out for the Halloween Yappy Hour at Pet-tique in Cleveland.

The store has racks of pet costumes to choose from.

"I know a lot of people that take the dogs out with the kids now to go trick or treating," says store owner Lawrence Carter.

The "bark-lite beer" costume is pretty popular with the pooches and their pet owners and so are the dinosaur costumes.

Your four legged friend can't be camera shy if he or she wears a paparazzi costume.

Fairies and little red riding hood are cute choices too.

A killer whale will get a lot of attention.

"We get people that come in all the time that dress in a theme with their dog. A lot of times the animal theme are really popular," says Lawrence Carter.

"I try not to find everything that's store bought. I actually will buy kids costumes and alter them for the dogs so they can wear them," says pet owner Catherine Krzywicki.

Krzywicki says she likes to come up with unique ideas like the "stay puff marshmallow man"and Rue from Winnie the Pooh for her dogs.

And you can never go wrong with the "hot dog" costume.

Mary Papa dressed her dog up as a chef. "We found the shopping cart first and then we decided to make the costume around the shopping cart and you don't have to spend a lot to get the costume you want," says Mary.

Most costumes are less than $20.

The proceeds from the Halloween Yappy Hour goes to Friends of the Cleveland Kennel.

This Saturday the 26, Tiffani Tucker will be judging the pet costume contest at Crocker Park in Westlake.

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