Judge Stokes: Man appears in court nearly a half-dozen times for selling Indians tickets

Judge Stokes: Man appears in court nearly a half-dozen times for selling Indians tickets

19 Action News has uncovered more details in an exclusive investigation behind the behavior of Municipal Court Judge Angela Stokes.

In this series we can't lose sight of the fact that this is Municipal Court. The people there aren't murderers, robbers or rapists; they got speeding tickets, maybe a DUI.

Kenneth Taylor had to go to court five times -- his crime, a charge of disorderly conduct related to selling tickets outside an Indians game.

"I thought I was like involved in a third world judicial system. She just refused to do anything or listen to my side of the story as well," stated Kenneth Taylor.

In court when the officer didn't show up, Kenneth asked for the case to be thrown out for want of prosecution. It is routine in most courtrooms but Judge Stokes wouldn't hear of it.

Typically prosecutors support dropping the case if they've got no witnesses -- but not this one. Taylor went back to Judge Stokes courtroom time and again.

"They made me come down there from Twinsburg four different occasions and stay in that courtroom all day. Pay for lunch, pay to park. Total waste of time," Taylor said.

Taylor had to miss classes, including two exams before the case ended.

"She gave my case to a public defender which I call a public pretender because he wasn't gonna get me off, they usually just tell people to plead no contest," said Taylor.

He refused again. Kenneth says the entire affair left him with a bad taste in his mouth. He's thinking about suing for the way he was treated. Kenneth said, "she threatened to throw me in jail."

One of the basic tenants of any court is that the punishment fit the crime. Should selling Indians tickets on the street cost you five days in court and several hundred dollars? You be the judge.

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