Medical kiosk provides cutting edge doctor visit

Cutting edge technology in doctor visits with HealthSpot
Cutting edge technology in doctor visits with HealthSpot

The HealthSpot medical kiosk at the Friendly Inn Settlement House contains cutting edge, interactive technology providing basic but high need medical care.

Dr. Andrew Hertz from University Hospitals says, "People we know go to the emergency department for minor medical problems and we'd much rather they come to another after hour alternative like this."

A medical assistant will check your child in and take their vital signs inside the kiosk, then your interactive doctor visit begins helped along by the assistant.

"The doctor can look in the throat and the patient will see what the doctor sees.   The doctor can look in the patient's ear and the patient will see what the doctor sees," Dr. Hertz explains the procedure.

Ear infections, strep throat, eye infections, coughs, colds, fever and even rashes can all can be diagnosed quickly

"They can be staffed much more economically and still provide care, because there's a doctor at home who can provide care to many units at one time.

University Hospitals chose an urban location for its first medical kiosk simply because they feel the area is under served.   If you're out in the suburbs it's simple enough to find a drugstore with some type of minute clinic.

"They just don't exist in the inner city, so basically were creating an opportunity for them to have an option for after hours care, for mild medical problems," Dr. Hertz added.

If the HealthSpot is successful University Hospitals has plans to place hundreds of locations throughout the city.

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