Browns Friday: Chud on Campbell, Weeden, injuries and more

Browns Friday: Chud on Campbell, Weeden, injuries and more

Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski  met with the media on Friday to talk about the latest issues involving the Browns- Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, 3rd down success, injuries and more.

Opening statement:

"Players and coaches worked awfully hard this week preparing for the Chiefs. We demanded a lot of our guys and are expecting them to respond. We're excited about the opportunity and the challenge that this presents going to Kansas City. We need everybody to be at their best for the Chiefs in all three phases.

"As far as injuries go, a couple things: (LB Quentin) Groves we listed as doubtful; (DL Billy) Winn we are listing as questionable, and (rookie LB Brandon) Magee as probable."

On how the week of practice was with QB Jason Campbell:

"Good, I think he's really responded, had a good week of preparation. This game, it's not just all about Jason. He just needs to go and be himself and do the things that he can do. We've stressed to everybody around and him playing to their best, as well."

On how he plans to improve on third-down situations:

"We've worked hard on it. We've really taken an approach of looking at everything going back to the third-downs we've had in past games, looking at the Chiefs and what we can do in trying to match everything with our players on all sides of the ball. It's something that we need to do better, and we have a plan for and expect to do better."

On if he has watched past film of Campbell and how he plans to use that against Kansas City:

"More so just from our recent preseason games and those things. You don't know exactly what they're doing. Really, it's more about what we're doing and coaching him through those things."

On Campbell avoiding pressure:

"I'm expecting him to do well. This has been good for him, these three days of practice, and getting with the guys and ironing the little things out that you need to. I'm excited about seeing him with that opportunity."

On the offensive line's progress, including with players returning from injury:

"I think we've improved in our pass-protection as the season has gone on. We have to step up. It's an outstanding group. They put you in situations where you're one-on-one a lot of times so you have to be able to step up and be able to block the guys. We'll do everything we can from a scheme standpoint to help them. Jason has to get the ball out and we have to make plays. It's no different than any game."

On why Campbell gives the team the best chance of winning this week:

"There's not a lot other than just some of the skills he's had, some of the experience he's had. He's had success and he's been able to lead teams and do a good job of being productive. That's what we're looking for. We're looking for that lift from him."

On how Campbell has handled mechanic responsibilities such as audibles, the quarterback-center exchange and completion percentage this week: 

"Those things have been good. Obviously, we've been inside for two of the days, which is good. With the crowd noise, it makes it louder and tougher to communicate so it's been a big emphasis for us, making sure hand signals and all of those types of things that we're doing. I think Jason has responded really well to that and getting done what we need to get done in preparing for the game."

On why so many quarterbacks have been injured so far this season and if it is the result of aggressive and/or man-to-man defenses:

"I think it's more of the big guys out there playing. It's a fast game. When guys get in situations, there's a lot of pressure on those guys and throwing the ball. They're in situations where they're vulnerable to taking those kind of hits."

On if QB Brandon Weeden has handled this week well:

"I think he has. I think he's responded as well as you would expect. Obviously, he was disappointed, but he needs to be ready. He realizes and understands that. He's told me he's ready to go, and he's approached it like a pro. We've seen how it happens and that things come up in the games. He's done it one time before, and I expect if he needs to, he can do it again."

On if Weeden has acted differently this week:

"I don't see that at all. I think he's approached it the same way in preparing for this game."

On if the defensive scheme changes each week affecting the team's performance:

"I don't think it's a scheme thing. It's a combination of a number of things. We recognize that we need to improve. We have a specific plan to do that. I have all of the confidence in our guys in executing that plan and that we'll get that done."

On how the players have responded to Campbell as the starter:

"[They have] responded well. They'll rally behind him. They've rallied behind him like they have every time that somebody else has been in. Regardless of position, it doesn't matter. This group is excited to play, and they love playing football so I'm excited to get this opportunity and go play."

On how Weeden has been performing in practice the last few weeks:

"He's been good. He's been doing the things that you'd expect him to in getting better, understanding the defense better, understanding his assignments and where everything comes together from a big-picture standpoint. That's the progression you see with young players a lot of times. First, it's about what they need to do, and then it's about that they start understanding the big picture of what everybody does. That's when they take that next big step."

On if it is difficult having to switch quarterbacks multiple times as a first year coach:

"It really comes with the territory. I've been through enough things during the course of my career. Anything can happen, and you have to expect any situation. It's really not all about what happens; it's about how we respond and how I respond. Ultimately, that's the most important thing in terms of the team."

On the difficulty telling a quarterback that he will not start:

"I had to do it before. I think the other day that came up. It's part of the game. It's part of what guys have to produce. At times, that doesn't happen the way you would like it to, but they're still part of the team, they're still valuable members of the team and you're going to need them. They need to be ready at all times."

On when he previously experienced a starting quarterback change:

"With (former Browns QB) Charlie Frye and (former Browns QB) Derek Anderson."

On what makes Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe a top receiver and his confidence in CB Joe Haden going against him:

"He's a big, physical guy that can make plays. He's tough. It's another good match-up for Joe. He'll be ready. You look at their offense and you look at all of the things that they do and the weapons and the formations, it's a formidable offense to play against. As I mentioned before, we need to be at our best as a team and as a defense."

On if Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is the focal point of their offense:

"He is. Their offense, he's a big part of what they do throwing the ball, running the ball; it goes through him. He's a key guy that we have to be able to contain."

On containing Charles:

"Just recognizing where he is, he lines up in a lot of different places so you have to recognize where he is to begin with and what possible things you can do. Guys have to know that he's a major playmaker for him."

On the Chiefs turnaround primarily being due to adding Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid and QB Alex Smith:

"That's certainly a big part of it, and they both have done a great job. You look at the team, and it was a very talented team from years past. I know how hard it was to play against them. They had a lot of the pieces there, and they're doing a great job coaching them. They've gotten off to a good start. They have momentum and they have confidence. Those things will help as you go, and they're winning games, and they're winning them in different ways and really playing together as a team."