Mentor first to use deer deterrents in Ohio

MENTOR, OH (WOIO) - While driving, you've probably have had close calls with a deer or maybe you've even hit one. Maybe this the deer deter will help.

The Ohio Department of Transportation created a new device to try to reduce the number of deer accidents. 

Abe Bruckman, Mentor Grants Coordinator, says, "Now if you're driving along you are probably not going to notice this unit. Yet the noise it makes and the light it emits is loud enough and bright enough to startle a deer; and that's the point."

A recent study shows that there are more deer vehicle collisions in Mentor than anywhere else in Lake, Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina and Geauga counties.

So, ODOT  is placing the deer deters in Mentor. Units will be placed along Lakeshore Blvd. Mentor is the first city in Ohio to use the devices. 

When your headlights hit the sensors the noise and the strobe lights you won't see or hear may send the deer away from the road.

"The bottom line for us is motorist safety. We have a large number of deer and the population is growing here; and it's a safety issue," Bruckman added.

Deer collisions can cause death and severe injuries. The average cost is $3,000 to $4,000 worth of damage to your car. The deer deter units are solar powered, so they're maintenance free and they've worked in Europe. Mentor and ODOT are hopeful of the same results.

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