Friends, family gather to remember Christina Adkins

Friends and family gathered to remember Christina Adkins
Friends and family gathered to remember Christina Adkins

Friends, family and community members gathered at the spot where Christina Adkins was last seen some 18 years ago, hand in hand, holding candles, honoring her memory.

"It's been good to have closure, but knowing the things that happened to her it's really hard, " says family friend Teresa Cartwright.

Christina was five months pregnant when she went missing January 1995.

Last week the medical examiner confirmed the remains found near the intersections of I-71 and I-90, a couple of weeks ago were that of the teen.

Elias Acevedo is now charged with murder in the case.
Christina's younger sister and step-mother still grieving her loss.
"The way she lived her life is what we want to remember, not that she was murdered. We want to remember the fact that she was a vibrant young and beautiful mother to be," says Christina's sister Tonia.
"We just want to thank everybody for their prayers and good thoughts," says Christina's stepmother Mary Adkins.

Christina's birth mother not yet ready to speak, but, words of comfort from the father of Gina DeJesus who  attended the vigil was a welcome sign of support.

Felix DeJesus stressed that we can never forget the missing and to always have hope.

"We do not forget the girls that are gone. the ones that are still missing. We need to put more effort into finding these kids," explained Felix DeJesus.

A private memorial service will be held for Christina on Sunday.

A memorial fundraiser for Christina's mother, Debbie will be held Nov. 15 at Sachsenhiem Hall in Cleveland.

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