24 Years Later, Amy Mihaljevic's Killer is still out there

Amy Mihaljevic
Amy Mihaljevic

BAY VILLAGE, OH (WOIO) - Ten-year-old Amy Mihaljevic disappeared from the Bay Square Shopping Center on October 27, 1989. Twenty four years later, the store fronts look different. The Baskin Robbins where Amy was last seen is no longer there, but people still talk about that terrible time in Bay Village history.

"Everyone knows her name. Everyone knows who you are talking about," says David Hanzel, who owns the Subway in the shopping center.

Close to two months after she went missing, Amy's body was found in a field near a country road in Ashland County. Over the years there have been thousands of tips and some suspects, but never any arrests.

Bay Village Police say the killer kept souvenirs. Things that were Amy's that may still be in their possession like her earrings, her shoes and a binder.

"If there are candles burning all over, she's got to come back. She's got to come back," said her late mother in an interview not long after Amy was kidnapped.

Amy's father, Mark Mihaljevic is still hoping justice will be served. 19 Action News Reporter Denise Zarrella interviewed him back in 2005, and he showed her the ceramic pig Amy made him right before she was abducted.

"She said women shouldn't be president. I'll be a nice president. Ambitious little girl. Very athletic," said Mihaljevic about his daughter.

That was a rare interview. Mihaljevic prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

On this the 24th anniversary of Amy going missing, Mark told Zarrella that years later, time is a healer, but there is still so much pain and so much wondering about what Amy would have become.

She would have been 35 years old this year.

Bay Village police continue to actively pursue leads.

People like David Hanzel say a break in the case would bring relief to the people of Bay Village.

"It's important for people and how they feel in the neighborhoods. I would be nice to have closure."

Amy's family has been waiting for that closure now for too long.

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