Cuyahoga County corruption scandal : Klimkowski sentenced

Cuyahoga County corruption scandal : Klimkowski sentenced

Sandy Klimkowski, a key player in the county corruption scandal, was sentenced to 48 months in prison and ordered to pay $207,302 in restitution during her sentencing hearing on Monday, October 28.

Klimkowski, the former president of the Maple Heights School Board, admitted that she accepted bribes in connection with an appraisal scheme that cost county taxpayers millions of dollars.

Klimkowski became a close ally of former County Auditor Frank Russo in several of the bribe schemes.  She admitted guilt early in the investigation and led investigators to indict several Maple Heights school employees.

Klimkowski's indictment details dinner meetings with Russo where she passed $1K cash to him in a cigarette pack.  It was just one of many bribes.  Russo is serving a 22 year sentence, but hopes his cooperation will lessen that punishment.

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