Riddell responds to the NFL contract expiring

Riddell responds to the NFL contract expiring

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Riddell has been the NFL's official helmet since 1989; however, the NFL and Riddell relationship is scheduled to end this season, after the Super Bowl.

Over 400 people are employed at their manufacturing plant in Elyria. They are also one of the city's largest employees.

Riddell's Elyria operations is an on‐field helmet and shoulder pad manufacturing, and athletic equipment reconditioning plant.

"This location is and will continue to be our largest operations facility. Riddell has more than fifty percent of the football helmet industry market share, and we continue to grow our position. As a point of context, there are over 3 million youth football players and approximately 1.3 million high school and collegiate football players. As a company, we have experienced another strong financial year, which is due in part to our Elyria operations, " says Erin Griffin, Senior Communications Manager for Riddell.

Riddell also says that the fact that there will not be an official helmet of the NFL does not translate into diminished use of their helmets and other equipment.

"We do not anticipate any impact on our Elyria operations or other facilities as a result of our NFL agreement expiring. We are proud of our continuing leadership as one of the largest employers in Elyria and Lorain County. Our Elyria facility is and will continue to be a vital component of Riddell's sustained  industry leadership. As the football season winds down, the Elyria facility becomes more important and we look forward to continued expansion of our great workforce at this key location for our company," says Griffin.

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