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MLB may make adjustments to the obstruction rule

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After a dramatic end to game three of the World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox, MLB may make adjust the obstruction rule. The rule reads if a fielder impedes the base runner, the play is ruled an obstruction, and the base is rewarded automatically to the base runner. 

Cardinals' third baseman Allen Craig tripped over Red Sox' third baseman Will Middlebrooks as he was trying to round third and head home. Obstruction was called and Craig was awarded the run, giving St. Louis the win in walk off fashion. 

The league will look into limiting obstruction calls to intentional contact only, forgiving accidental contact. This causes some controversy, as it could be impossible at times for an umpire to judge a player's intent. 

There are no guarantees that league officials will make a change to the rule, only that they will meet and discuss and look into making changes.


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