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Belt Beating: Prison for man who used extreme punishment on child

Joe McCurdy III Joe McCurdy III
Chair used in alleged beatings Chair used in alleged beatings

A Cleveland man sentenced to prison in a horrific case of child abuse. 

Tuesday morning, Joe McCurdy III learned his punishment for using inappropriate punishment on a child - a year in prison.

This, after McCurdy walked in on a violent situation at his girlfriend's house and made it worse.

On April 22, Domonique Jones, McCurdy's girlfriend, allegedly tied her 9-year old daughter to a chair using belts. Jones then began whipping the victim with a belt. Jones then called the father of her children to come over and help discipline the child.

The father showed up at the same time McCurdy. When the father saw what was happening, he immediately called police.

According to police, Jones continued whipping her daughter, and McCurdy used his belt to beat the girl's seven-year-old brother, who was trying to protect her.

Judge Pamela Barker reviewed pictures of the bruises and cuts the two children suffered. Even more graphic was the chair, which prosecutors brought to court. Belts were fashioned on the legs to hold the girl down. There was physical abuse, but the kids father says emotional as well.

"This situation right here, my kids is always talking about it," said father Jermaind Mittner. "All they do is just the same situation that's goin on right here, that's all they do to each other every day." 

Domonique Jones has pleaded not guilty and faces trial.

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