University Hospital's music therapy for breast cancer

Imagine a breast cancer patient is about to go into surgery and starts to hear soothing songs sung live to silence the beeping and chaos of pre op and to ease the worry.

"These women have said that in a place where everything is a mystery and question mark this gave me the control. This gave me the power," says Jaclyn Bradley Palmer of University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center.

It's part of clinical research at University Hospitals to test the effects of music on a woman's level of anxiety before and during her procedure.

"We know music stimulates endorphins reduces blood pressure and heart rate and boosts the immune system.  When all of this happens, anxiety can't coexist in the body so when that happens, recovery time is reduced and there's less need for drugs and patient satisfaction goes way up. We've seen that in the comments from these patients" says Jaclyn.

Researchers also trying to measure if reduced anxiety with music helps the patient fall asleep faster and with fewer drugs.

"And if that music supports people, I think that's really important. You know music can do wonders," says Trisha Bradley Palmer, a University Hospitals patient.

So far approximately 130 women have taken part in the trial. Researchers want to enroll 100 more patients. They're looking for women 18 or older undergoing breast surgery.

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