Hoyer speaks: "Most disappointing that's ever happened to me"

Hoyer speaks: "Most disappointing that's ever happened to me"

Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer met with the media Wednesday, it was the first time he's talked with reporters since tearing his ACL in the Week 5 game against Buffalo. His run of success was brief, eight whole quarters and two drives in the Bills game. "I hope that I was able to bring a spark and get this team going, and I think that was accomplished," Hoyer said. "For me, that was probably the hardest part. Things were going really well, and it gets just taken out right underneath you. So I'm looking forward to getting back whenever that might be, and that's what drives me every day."

The North Olmsted native and St. Ignatius graduate underwent surgery on Oct. 18 at the Cleveland Clinic to reconstruct the torn ACL. "There was no other damage, which to me, I wonder how that could happen, only one thing gets hurt. But I'm thankful for it. If there's a silver lining, that's what it is. There's no other damage, and that can accelerate your rehab."

Hoyer is hoping to be back by mid-April, "I think generally an ACL is six to eight months. Obviously, I would like to shoot for the shorter part of that. But for me, I just try to take it day to day, which at this point I have, so that keeps your spirits up and hopefully there are no setbacks or you come in and kind of plateau. But obviously I shoot for the lower end of what they told me."

After taking over for Brandon Weeden Hoyer lead the Browns to consecutive wins over Minnesota and Cincinnati. It was the best the team's offense had looked in years. The Buffalo game ended for him when he slid near the sidelines after scrambling for a first down. He hyper-extended his right knee as Bills rookie linebacker Kiko Alonso hit him and ended his season.

"That's the most disappointing thing that's ever happened to me," Hoyer said. "The cleat [got stuck], and I got hit at the same time. I think if either or would have happened on its own, I probably would have been fine. But I got my foot down a little late, and that's when he was hitting me.

"That's the first time I've ever been on the field where I couldn't get up on my own, and so then I kind of knew that something was up. But there was no pop or anything like that. I just had a sensation where I tried to get up, and I just told myself to stay down."

Head Coach Rob Chudzinski has stated that he has no idea where Hoyer will be in the quarterback pecking order when he returns, and that makes sense. It's months into the future, Hoyer's playing time was a small sample size and nobody knows if there will be a high-profile draft pick on the team by that point.