Editorial: Blowing Hot Air

Editorial: Blowing Hot Air

(WOIO) - When it comes to creating new jobs here in northeast Ohio, some are saying the answer is "blowing in the wind".  Lake Erie wind!

Mayor Frank Jackson and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, both democrats, are among those pushing for wind turbines off Lake Erie.

Lining up behind them is local company Lincoln Electric, which hopes to get the contract to build these seventy-ton turbines. Well, they are not alone. A Connecticut company and one from Finland are also looking to be part of a fifty million dollar project to build the first six turbines.

Some environmentalists are concerned about freshwater contamination and the danger to birds and bats. But here is the bigger concern. The national renewable energy laboratory estimates it would take eleven thousand wind turbines to power about one-third of Ohio's homes and incredibly, that would fill half of the lake.

Well, the closer you study wind power, the more you realize that it's too little power at too high a cost and anybody who tells you differently is just "blowing hot air."

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