Controversy rising at CSU over raises

A Cleveland State University controversy is rising over raises.

Several Cleveland Marshall College of Law professors say they are the victims of satanic retaliation against unionizing.

They claim their Dean Craig Boise unlawfully gave them merit raises totaling $666 dollars.

Some say this is an evil symbol, a satanic figure.

They've even filed a labor practice charge with the state Employment Relations Board.

The university says it's a "function of a mathematical calculation."

The lowest merit increase was supposed to be $727, not $666. The number had to be recalculated because of a wrong salary in the merit pool and that there's no animosity toward the union.

19 Action News tried to talk to several CSU law professors. They had no comment, but, several law students had plenty to say.

"I think it's just a coincidence. I don't think the people deciding the merit raise meant anything by it. The math just lead to 666 unfortunately," says CSU student, Omar Salka.

"It would definitely raise an eyebrow, but, if it's due to miscalculation I can accept that," says Deangelo LaVette.

"The nature of all this stuff is that people are going to have friction and I think people do play into that with stuff like this," says Arleesha Wilson.

As of Wednesday evening, out calls into the law professors union were not returned. CSU will not comment because it's a legal matter.

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