Narcan helps save woman who overdosed

LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - The potential overdose of a 21-year-old Lorain woman, Cecile Uyek, was avoided when Lorain Police officers administered the nasal spray, Narcan.

Lorain County law enforcement was authorized to use the new anti-overdose drug just over two weeks ago, in an attempt to help stop the high amount of overdoses in that area.

Narcan is designed to combat the reactions of narcotics drugs-including heroin and other opiates-long enough for medical personnel to get there and start treatments.

Officer Bill Lachner and Probation Officer bryant Halsey are being credited for the first successful use of Narcan.

They found Uyek unresponsive outside her front door, and her mother was attempting to perform CPR on her.

They were able to determine it was an overdose because of a recent needle mark on her arm. At that time, Officer Lachner gave her the Narcan.

After Uyek woke up a few seconds later, she became aggressive and attempted to bite the officers. She was then lifeflighted to Mercy Regional Medical Care Center.