Time change triggers headaches

Time change triggers headaches

While there's certainly different thoughts on the extra hour we get with the time change this weekend, doctors say those who are prone to headaches often get hit hard when the time changes.

"These attacks, which occur every day, occur for 6-8 weeks and then go away in a cluster cycle. They cluster, that's why it's called cluster and it looks like you can actually trigger a cycle by switching the time with daylight savings time,"  says Dr. Stewart Tepper, Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Tepper also says the cluster of headaches typically start a couple days after the time change and can be debilitating. And for some reason, more men experience this than woman.

"The portion of the brain that is also the generator for cluster is also the portion of the brain that manages rhythms through the day and through the year- the circadian rhythms and the circannual rhythms in the hypothalamus," says Dr. Tepper.

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