A Carl Monday Investigation: Gina's Fence, Part I & II

Gina's Fence Part 2: A Carl Monday investigation
Christopher Redarowicz (Source: Cleveland Police)
Christopher Redarowicz (Source: Cleveland Police)

Not long after the rescue of the three women on Seymour Avenue, a man accused of raping, and convicted of kidnapping another woman showed up at the home of Gina DeJesus and her family.  What was he doing there? And why didn't anyone warn Gina and her parents?

Chief WOIO Investigator Carl Monday learned that 23-year old Christopher Redarowicz was working at the time for Budget One Fence in Berea. Back in July, the company graciously built a $4,000 privacy fence at the DeJesus west side Cleveland residence. Free of charge.  Redarowicz was part of the crew that erected the six foot fence.

It was good thing for Gina, and for Budget One Fence, which got the kind of publicity money can't buy. The story was re-told worldwide on TV and social media. So why did company owner Matt McMIllen refuse to talk about it with reporter Monday? "Get that camera out of my face!" McMillian told Monday during an interview attempt. McMillen then grabbed Monday's Microphone and tossed it on the garage floor.

At the time the fence was built, a grateful Gina beamed "I really wanted the fence. It means a lot to me." Her mom Nancy Ruiz said she thanked McMillen and his workers "from the bottom of my heart."

But there was something McMillen never told Gina, who was beaten, kidnapped and raped for a decade by Ariel Castro.  Something he never told her parents.

Turns out Redarowicz was wearing a court ordered monitoring bracelet while working at the DeJesus home.  For a criminal case in which he was charged with kidnapping and rape.  The same charges brought against Ariel Castro.

A woman who met Redarowicz at the Bar Code bar in Parma told police he offered her a ride home. Once they arrived there, she says she didn't feel well and just wanted to go to sleep.  Next thing, she said Redarowicz was on top of her.  Crying, she pleaded for him to off her, according to police reports.

Redarowicz wouldn't talk to WOIO, but Parma police believed the woman's story.  Three weeks after the incident, they arrested Redarowicz.  Soon after, he was indicted by a county Grand Jury on seven counts of felonious assault, rape, attempted rape and kidnapping.  He was released on $100,000 bond.

Redarowicz cut a deal with prosecutors, pleading guilty to kidnapping and assault in exchange for dropping the rape charges.  He was placed on four years probation, and as part of the deal, he agreed to find a job. Which lead him to Budget One fence.

No one can fault his boss for giving a convicted felon a second chance. But why assign an accused rapist and convicted kidnapper to work on the home…of all people…Gina DeJesus?

Monday reached out to Gina's parents for comment, but they respectfully declined. A day after Monday paid a visit to Budget One Fence, Redarowicz' employment with company ended.

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