EXCLUSIVE: 19 Action News talks to Christina Adkins mom

EXCLUSIVE: 19 Action News talks to Christina Adkins mom
Debbie Marmol, Christina Adkins mother
Debbie Marmol, Christina Adkins mother

It was a mystery that lasted years and finally came to a tragic end.

Today, for the first time we're hearing from Christina Adkins' mother.

"Christy would never get into a car with somebody she didn't know so evidently this monster said he would take her to my house," said Debbie Marmol.

Debbie Marmol, in her first exclusive one-on-one interview, believes her accused daughter's killer Elias Acevado should have been off the streets back in 1995. Police now believe he killed pam Pemberton a year earlier.

"She trust him. She was coming to me and she never made it to my house," added Debbie.

Christina's remains found last month near the I490 bridge, just blocks away from where she disappeared in 1995.

Acevedo is now charged with the murders of Christina and Pam Pemberton.

Mom believes Christina, who was five months pregnant, knew Acevedo and that's the only reason went with him.

"I am glad after 18 years they found her finally but it should of been done sooner," Debbie said.

And just weeks after the discovery of her daughters body Debbie has discovered she is very sick.@

"I just learned I have lung cancer on top of everything else," stated Debbie.

Christina's family meantime is hosting a celebration in her honor.

When: Friday, November 15, 2013
Where: Sachsenhiem Hall, 7001 Denison Ave., Cleveland, OH 44102
Time: 6 p.m. - 11 p.m.

$10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children 12-to-7, children 6 and under free.

For tickets call Teresa @216-376-1559, Janice @216-624-1553, Theresa @216-905-3845, or Paul @ 216-253-9906.

There will be live music, entertainment, raffles, and prizes.

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