19 Action News speaks with passengers arriving from LAX

Source: CBSNews
Source: CBSNews

19 Action News spoke to passengers arriving at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport Friday evening after a rough start to their day in the Los Angeles Airport.

Many passengers we spoke to said they were unable to receive information about what was happening while they were stuck at LAX.

These passengers were on a United flight that was delayed during all of the chaos at LAX.

They were several terminals away from the shooting scene, but they were aware of what was happening.

Yolanda and Anthony Barton described the atmosphere at the airport.

"I was just feeling...  I pray to God there isn't some crazy madman that's going to be running down this terminal because we knew it was a gunman and we knew he was on a rampage shooting.  But we didn't know the details exactly where he was at that time," Yolanda said.

"Somebody was mentioning possibly this could be terrorists...a TSA member was shot.  This could be a terrorist attack," Anthony described the scene.

Families of the passengers were actualltextingng and calling them during the incident.  Yolanda and Anthony told us they were getting more information from their family members who were watching television than from anyone at the Los Angeles airport.

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