Proposal to shut down stretch of W. 25th to attract more

Proposal to shut down stretch of W. 25th
Proposal to shut down stretch of W. 25th

If you take a drive or walk down W. 25th St. near the West Side Market then you know how busy it can get. Growth in the last couple of years includes restaurants and bars among much more.

"When we first came here it was easy to get around and now it's more difficult," says Dean Shaffer."

Dean Shaffer and his wife Tammy moved to the area 8 years ago and have seen plenty of changes.

"We used to be able to drive to the market anytime we wanted, now, we have to walk cause there's no parking," says Shaffer.

Now a local architect wants to close a stretch of W. 25th St. from Lutheran Hospital to just a couple of blocks south of the West Side market.

The idea is to make that area like E. 4th St., which is a stretch of one block.

This W. 25th St. plan would cover 7 blocks.

"Anything that continues the growth and vitality of the area I think is great, especially making it more urban. Somewhere where people can just live, eat, have a good time," says Tammy Shaffer.

The architect's plans would include moving bus stops in front of the market to Gehring Ave. so they wouldn't hold up traffic.

The plan also includes rerouting traffic to a parallel road along with building a $1600 car parking garage over the railroad tracks near the RTA station.

The Shaffer's say they just want to see the place they call home a little less congested with cars and fix the parking problem, if this plan is the answer then they might be onboard.

"If it solved that problem yes, but, I don't know,' says Dean Shaffer.

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