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Damaging winds in Norwalk

Tree uprooted in Norwalk, Ohio. (Source norwalkreflector.com) Tree uprooted in Norwalk, Ohio. (Source norwalkreflector.com)

Thursday's storm hit Norwalk, Ohio with a one two punch.

First the power was lost; then came the property damage.

Parts of Colllingwood Avenue look like a war zone.   Residents say that they have never seen it look so bad.

Trees that stood for decades were gone in a matter of moments.

The corner of League and State was closed because the church's steeple was so weakened by winds that it could come crashing down at anytime.

The storm severely damaged both homes and businesses.

Amid all the damage there were no reports of personal injury. 

Most of the power has since been restored but it could be days or even weeks before the cleanup is complete.

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