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Ashland County Sheriff: Man stabs girlfriend and her mom, before committing suicide


Ashland County Sheriff Deputies say the boyfriend of a 20-year-old woman hung himself after stabbing the girlfriend and her mom.

The assault happened on Nov. 3 around 1:00 a.m. at 1953 CR 1035. 

Bradley Boyer had been staying with his girlfriend's family for a couple days, but had been kicked out earlier that evening after an argument. Deputies say Boyer managed to sneak back inside and hid in a closet before the attack.

Deputies say Boyer stabbed the mom, Shannon Richter, once with a kitchen knife and the daughter, Morgan, multiple times with the kitchen knife. Morgan also suffered other injuries during the confrontation.

Morgan's 15-year-old brother tried to stop Boyer and he was also injured.

After the mom called 911, Boyer fled on foot.  Mifflin and Hayesville fire departments administered medical aid and treatment to the victims and transported them to Samaritan Hospital in Ashland. Victims injuries were not life threatening. 

Sheriff's deputies along with members from the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task force searched for Boyer. A neighbor spotted Boyer hanging in his tree around 2:50 p.m. Sunday.

Deputies responded to the scene and requested the coroner respond to the scene. Identification of suspect was confirmed.

The body was taken to Cuyahoga County for autopsy.

Law Enforcement Officers from Ashland Police Department, Ohio Highway Patrol, and Mifflin Police Department assisted in the search and security of the residence. 

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