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Trial begins for man accused of killing wife while she was in hospital

Trial begins for John Wise Trial begins for John Wise

Prosecutors say John Wise knew what he was doing when he shot his wife, Barbara in the head while she laid in bed at Akron General Hospital in August of 2012.

Wise's Defense Attorney says he was insane when he shot his wife.

The prosecution opened up by calling only two witnesses. The two security guards that got the 9 mm handgun away from Wise after he shot his wife Barbara.  

They both testified they tackled Wise with a gun in his hand in her hospital room. 

Matthew Milewski, an Akron General Hospital security guard, says "We saw Mr. Wise at the opposite end of the bed with a handgun in his hand. The slide was locked back on the weapon.  I commanded him to drop the weapon 2 times.  He did not comply. Officer Shepperd saw an opening, tackled him and I jumped on him as well. "

Both sides say Wise is the shooter.

The defense will call a doctor who will testify Wise suffers from a mental illness when he is under stress and depressed. Testimony resumes Tuesday morning.

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