Firefighter Shot and Killed: Inside the investigation

Firefighter Shot and Killed: Inside the investigation

We've found so much still a mystery in the shooting death of an off-duty Cleveland Fire lieutenant -- from belongings at the crime scene to trouble on the block.

Sunday night, Lt. William Walker died after getting shot several times in his own driveway.

Police initially had been told he was shot and stabbed multiple times as well. Now investigators aren't sure. They're waiting for an autopsy to tell them more about all of the wounds.

As for the motive, that's unclear too. Investigators have been told Walker recently had a run in with local punks or gang members on his block.

So this could've been a hit. But the earlier run-in was not physical. And it's not clear if Lt. Walker had been robbed too. A source close to the case says his keys and phone were found at the scene but investigators still aren't sure if he had anything taken.

Co-workers tell 19 Action News Walker planned to move from the neighborhood.

Police at the scene briefly detained a relative for questioning, but didn't see him as a suspect.

Meantime, we checked, and we found no other recent police reports at that address.

Investigators hope DNA will give clues. Or tips. Call Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463 and get a reward. And you can do it without giving your name.

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