Horrendous case of animal abuse on Halloween

Horrendous case of animal abuse

Now to a horrendous case of animal abuse, on Halloween!

Three cats were left to die -- one was sealed inside a bucket.

According to a police report in Berea someone abandoned three cats in the middle of that rain storm that hit on Halloween night.

The fact that someone dumped them is bad enough but it's the way that they were left that's even worse -- someone left them outside of a garage on Halloween night.

Now the three cats have a temporary shelter at John Kabeller's home in Berea.

"And this is where the other one was at. Somebody had put it in there. You can see the hair and stuff," said John Kabeller.

Two cats left cramped inside a carrier and one inside a bucket that was taped shut with a small hole in it for air.

"I'm really upset. Why would you put a cat in a litter box? That's just cruel," added John Kabeller.

"They could have taken it to a shelter or put an add in the paper is someone wanted a cat," said Joyce Kabeller.

Instead they were out in the rain all night.

Iit was really sad to see that somebody would actually do that to cats or to any animal really," added Joyce.

Kabeller says the cats had fleas when he found them but are in pretty good shape.

"They're all de-clawed. They're older cats and they're very friendly," John said.

Kabeller is retired and said he can't afford to take care of anymore cats.

He and his wife just want someone to give them a good home.

"If somebody wants a cat that's de-clawed. Probably fixed. Pretty mild. I mean they're very mild cats," said Joyce.

The Kabeller's are taking care of the cats for now but they already have quite a few cats of their own and hope someone will help them out.

If you're interested in making a home for any of these cats call 440-826-0764.

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