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Alert: Little boy nearly snatched from mother in Cleveland

A frightening evening for a west side Cleveland mother - fighting to save her child from a stranger.

Nichole Radlich was walking home from a class at Cudell Rec Center with her two-year-old son, Cameron, on Monday night. 

As Nichole and Cameron turned from West Boulevard onto Desmond, Nichole sensed something from behind and immediately picked up her son. In a flash, a man leapt out of a car and tried unsuccessfully to grab the boy. Nichole ran away screaming, and the car sped off. Neighbors heard Nichole's terrified screams and took her in.

"The car was a 4-door sedan um, tan it was a tan color and there was a huge dent," Nichole Radlich said. "I'm talkin' about a huge dent like if a car just ran into the just the passenger door and all the front."

Nichole has made a police report. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact Cleveland Police or CrimeStoppers.

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