Sneak peak of the new Innerbelt Bridge

Sneak peak of the new Innerbelt Bridge
The new Innerbelt Bridge to open soon
The new Innerbelt Bridge to open soon

19 Action News caught a sneak peek to the deck of the new Innerbelt Bridge leading in and out of downtown Cleveland.  Reporter Brian Duffy said the first thing you'll notice about the new bridge is the view of the city skyline.

One reason for that is, the new bridge is actually 10 feet lower than the old bridge.

Also, the design of the bridge includes a Texas barrier.  It's a safe steel railing, instead of a high concrete view limiting barrier.

Drivers will also be thrilled with a dedicated lane from the Ontario and 9th St. on ramps, instead of that crazy, accident-inducing merge on the old bridge.

The bridge deck in muses grooved pavement for better traction, and there's only two expansion joints on this bridge which will create a smoother ride.

Dozens of expansion joints made the old bridge ride and sound like a beat up train track.

As you drive East bound on the bridge, it will be impossible not to notice the beautiful skyline shots.

But, a couple of things have to happen before you get on this bridge and that includes getting massive sign posts up.

The key issue, right now, is the bridge deck striping.

They have to paint the lane lines before the bridge can open.

Jocelynn Clemings, from The Ohio Department of Transportation, said weather plays a key role for the opening of the bridge.  "Because that's a weather sensitive operation that is one item that we really have to be careful and really watch our weather forecast."

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