Election Day 2013: New equipment at the polls in Cuyahoga County

New equipment testing at the polls today
New equipment testing at the polls today

Cuyahoga County is testing out new e-poll books at the polls today for Election Day.

Mike DeFranco from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections says, "At first glance, it looks like the poll workers are taking to them very nicely.  They like them because they don't have to dig through the old paper poll books to find a voter's name."

Only two locations in the county are using them today, as a test run.

"So far, they're working good.  We had a few bumps in the road getting them formatted to our needs for Cuyahoga County."

Alvin Sharp, Cuyahoga County voter, ran into one of those bumps in the road.  "It might have been okay if the scanner had worked for my driver's license but it didn't."

"They present ID, like they would at any location, usually it's a driver's license.  These units have some technology where you can scan the actual driver's license.  It pulls the voters name right up.  Then the poll worker assigns a ballot to the voter.  It allows the voter to sign their name so we can match their signature to the signature we have on file to make sure it's the right voter," DeFranco said.

Another potential benefit to using the e-poll book is the equipment's technology.

"If a voter is at the wrong location, they don't belong here we can print a little ticket up and give them the right address of the correct location," DeFranco added.

The polls opened at 6:30 A.M. Tuesday and they're open until 7:30 Tuesday evening.

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