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Fish killed by shampoo that washed into creek

SOLON, Ohio - Hundreds of fish were killed by shampoo that washed into a creek from a L'Oreal plant, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency said.

The fish died after rain on Saturday flushed the shampoo from the plant's gutters and downspouts into a storm sewer that empties into nearby Beaver Meadow Creek in this Cleveland suburb. A chemical reaction in a plant mixing vat on Sept. 25 had caused the shampoo to burst through a pipe and onto the roof.

"It killed hundreds of fish and created a tremendous amount of foam," EPA spokeswoman Linda Oros said.

L'Oreal spokeswoman Rebecca Caruso said Monday that the cosmetics company has complied with an EPA request to route downspouts into a holding tank to keep runoff from the storm sewer in any future spills.

Oros said the EPA was evaluating whether to fine the company. The Wildlife Division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources was investigating the fish kill.

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