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Brook Park voters give Tom Coyne a second shot at mayoral seat

Brook Park Mayor-Elect Tom Coyne Brook Park Mayor-Elect Tom Coyne

Former Brook Park Mayor Tom Coyne is now Mayor-elect Tom Coyne. He distanced two challengers in Tuesday's election.

Coyne was a very outspoken, and very popular, mayor of Brook Park for some 20 odd years. He's back.

"I have to rebuild people's confidence in me," Coyne said. "Our city has to rebuild it's stature as a strong middle class city in America."

It was a long road back for Coyne after a couple of very well publicized drunk driving incidents. He stresses that it was after he was mayor and is more than up for the job.

"I have an opportunity to rebuild my good name," said Mayor-Elect Coyne. "My issues occurred when I retired, you know that you covered 'em. And actually, I have to thank Bill Applegate because if it wasn't for him, he gave me an opportunity to come back on television. You guys covered my story more than anyone."

Coyne says that first on his agenda is to deal with a city of Cleveland plan to buy two airport parking lots and redevelop them. Coyne says it will take $800,000 off Brook Park's tax base. He wants a regional approach to airport development.

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