Editorial: Four more years

It should come as a shock to no one that Frank Jackson has been re-elected mayor of Cleveland.   Opponent Ken Lanci had some good ideas…laced with good intentions.  But with little party support and the task of unseating a two-time incumbent, Lanci's campaign was dead on arrival.  So that leaves us with four more years of Mayor Frank Jackson.  The question is, which Frank Jackson will voters get?

Will it be the soft-spoken leader who successfully managed expenses during a deep national recession?  The mayor who convinced a republican governor and the voters to support a school levy when so many others failed?

Or will it be the mayor who presided over a city with a troubled police department, a non-functioning water department and a poverty rate second only to Detroit?

Third terms are traditionally unproductive, at best.  At worst, they can be a disaster for any politician.  We'll see if Mayor Jackson has enough "gas left in the tank" to steer this city to prosperity for the next four years.

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