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Cleveland kidnapping victim speaks for first time to Dr. Phil

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The world heard from Michelle Knight for the first time this week, when her first interview since being rescued from the Cleveland home of Ariel Castro aired on Dr. Phil.

The interview is so powerful it's uncomfortable. Knight's words don't just tell us, they take us inside the torture rooms of Castro's home.

"I hated him," said Knight.

Knight is the first victim to talk in detail in the aftermath of a multiple kidnapping case that has horrified and spellbound a nation.

"He had it already set up to where he could tie me to the, I think it's like a clothesline," Knight told Dr. Phil.

Knight was kidnapped by Castro in August of 2002 and would not go free for 11 years.

"He ties me up to a pole with chains wrapped around it. The chains were so big and he wraps it around my neck. He sits me down on the floor and says ‘This is where you're gonna stay until I can trust you. Now, if I do it too tight and you don't make it, that means you wasn't meant to stay here. That means god wanted to take you," said Knight.

Knight was chained, starved and left naked in a frigid, dark basement for days. Then came the sexual abuse. When she eventually became pregnant, Knight describes how he beat her into a miscarriage.

"I was standing up and he punched me with a barbell. He took the round part and he went like this and he made it go up so it could hit the lower end of my stomach. I fell to the floor," said Knight.

Knight says Castro would show leniency, once giving her a puppy; a comfort that ended when the dog once snapped at him and he killed it before her eyes.

"[He] picked him up, snapped his neck. All I heard was a yelp, and he was gone."

The torture went on and on. Then one day, Knight realized she was no longer alone.

Knight met a girl who had gone missing, one she recognized from the news -Amanda Berry.      

"Sometimes she would cry and I would tell her everything would be okay and one day we'll get home. We'll just have to wait it out," said Knight.

It was just the beginning.

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