Browns offensive lineman speaks out about bullying

Browns offensive lineman speaks out about bullying

At 6'6" and 320 lbs., Browns Offensive Lineman Garrett Gilkey, off the field is a gentle giant who believe it or not is no stranger to being bullied.

"A lot of my childhood was defined by my struggle with bullying and there's more.  Had my baseball glove peed in and booed in front of the whole school."

Gilkey's teammates could be heard ribbing him before our interview.

"Let him go he has his hair in a bun."

But that's good natured ribbing among close teammates, unlike the alleged racist death threat former Dolphin Richie Incognito made to ex-teammate Jonathan Martin.

"I don't understand the context within that locker room."

As we know Martin left the Dolphins, refusing to tolerate such behavior.

Gilkey says a person is like a sponge, with the capacity to handle only so much.

Gilkey managed his bullying with support from friends and family and urges others to do the same. Apparently Jonathan Martin had no such person on his team.

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