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Michael Irvin's message to the Browns

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin was in Cleveland on Wednesday to talk to the Browns about many things, including coming together to win a championship. "I was supposed to go for 45 minutes and I went an hour and 20 minutes. I was like 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go that far.' But when we started talking about what it takes to become a champion, (I went on and on). I just wanted to talk to them about the opportunity that is before them and I kind of walked them through the journey and the process of becoming a champion," Irvin said.

The former Cowboy sees a lot of potential in Cleveland, but also knows it will take more than that. "I look at this team and I see the young talent on this team and it harkens me back to our early days in Dallas where you could see it," Irvin said. "I told them, two weeks ago, you played the only undefeated team down the wire and last week you beat the champions. So the physical talent, we know it's there. The thing that's going to separate the good from the great and the others from the champions, is if you have the ability to make a commitment one man to the other, each and every time I step on this field I will get my job done."

Irvin made a point to relay to them how much it would change their lives if they could win a title for the city of Cleveland. "I told them, 'I know what football means in Dallas. That's what football means in Cleveland. These people here love football. If you give them a championship, oh my God.' I said to them, 'You'll change your life's path and the life path of your kids, because they'll be remembered, just like it, they'll be talking, 'Boy, your dad brought a championship, we love you son.' They'll love everybody that comes out of your loins, because your dad brought a championship to Cleveland."

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