Is Brown Thursday ruining Thanksgiving?

Is Brown Thursday ruining Thanksgiving?

For some this Thanksgiving, the decision will have to be made...wait in line for turkey or toys.

Stores competing for your dollars have turned Black Friday into Brown Thursday.

Kmart setting some sort of a retail record by opening at 6am on thanksgiving.

"I think that's a little too much. It's time to spend with family and they've got to draw the line I think," says Christine Mehtah.

"I think there's enough challenges as it is to have family time now I have added pressure to think about shopping I don't need that," says Vincent O'Keefe.

We found some shoppers who make a pretty good point to pass on the pie and pick up some presents.

"I'm totally guilty of shopping at Kmart on Thanksgiving Day in the past," says Catherine Starwalt.

"We don't really have a lot of family around where we live so for us shopping spree is kind of fun to do,"

"You know after you eat all the thanksgiving food you're full you know you're normally sitting around watching the game then you're waiting for something else to do," says Monica Brown.

With all the ads, lines, stores, door busters, cash registers and toys on turkey day, we just had to take a deep breath and ask Pastor John Butchko from Westlake United Methodist Church if we're missing the point of this family holiday.

"Thanksgiving is an action. We are called as people to give thanks and there are lots of opportunities to give thanks. Lots of opportunities to go shopping. I think it's just find a balance," says Pastor Butchko.

In a survey released today by, some 32 million Americans will alter, in some way, their Thanksgiving to shop; whether they eat early, late, not travel, or flat out skip Thanksgiving.

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