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Woman recovers stolen heirloom ring, surveillance captures men selling items

Surveillance images of the men who pawned the stolen ring (Source: John Tan) Surveillance images of the men who pawned the stolen ring (Source: John Tan)
Photo of Rhoads wearing the ring (Source: Amanda Rhoads) Photo of Rhoads wearing the ring (Source: Amanda Rhoads)
John Tan John Tan
Amanda Rhoads Amanda Rhoads
Dwight Mitchell Dwight Mitchell

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There has been a break in the case of a home burglary after several break-ins and thefts in Jeffersontown. A woman recovered her heirloom ring from a jewelry store where two men brought in her silver and gold in exchange for cash.

Burglars took the prized possession October 30. Amanda Rhoads got her ring back the following Saturday from Little John's Derby Jewelry.

"It's unbelievable. I didn't think I'd ever see it again," Rhoads said.

WAVE 3 News previously reported that LMPD was investigating three home burglaries that occurred within three weeks near Stony Brook Drive and Watterson Trail. Two men came into John Tan's shop the same day burglars broke into Rhoads' home and emptied her jewelry box.

"There were two guys who came in here. We don't judge. We just do what we're here to do - transactions," Tan said, who owns Little John's Derby Jewelry.

Surveillance video captured the men who Tan claims came in with a handful of gold and silver, including an intricate diamond ring, the same one Rhoads' inherited from her grandmother. The mother of a store employee saw the WAVE 3 News report and eventually Rhoads and Tan connected.

"She was really on a mission," said Tan. "It was something very dear to her so we did what we could to help her out."

Tan is keeping the rest of Rhoads' jewelry locked in a safe until detectives from the LMPD 7th Division wrap up their investigation. The store has the name, address and thumb print of one of the men on record.

"A division detective is assigned to it," said Dwight Mitchell, a LMPD public information officer. "He did receive it and got the information. We're in the process of retrieving that surveillance video."

This is a case that may lead police to solve more unsolved burglaries because of Rhoads' persistence.

"I want to commend the victim in this case for doing a lot of leg work themselves and contacting us," Mitchell said.

"Even if we don't get anything else back, hopefully they'll catch them so there won't be any more homes hit," Rhoads said.

Anyone with information regarding the burglaries is asked to call the LMPD anonymous tip line at (502) 574-LMPD.

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