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Vanderburgh Co. man snaps photo of wild cat in backyard

A snapshot of a large wild cat in a backyard in Vanderburgh County is going viral. 

We're told the picture was taken on a property on the west side in the wooded area.

Thanks to Mike Kappert and his cameras, we got a look at what they do in fields at night. The photo was taken with one of three cameras that Kappert has on his property.

He says he planted a food plot for deer, but the bobcats are using it has a hunting ground.

Kappert shared more pictures with us. It's not just one bobcat that he caught on camera, there are several of them that roam his property at night.

He tells 14 News that his cameras have been up for about a month and he checks them once a week.

"It's kind of neat, kind of like Christmas time. You can't wait to see what's on it you know. All of a sudden, bam, there's a bobcat carrying a rabbit," Kappert said.

Some 14 News Facebook fans have said that it's not a bobcat, but a cougar. Kappert says he's pretty certain they're bobcats. He adds that he has three trail cams set up and if he sees any cougars, we'll be the first to know.  

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