Caught on camera: Woman attacked

Caught on camera: Woman attacked

A security camera recorded a woman getting attacked by her boyfriend at an RTA rapid stop, but she just wants to let it all be forgotten.

Her response is putting a spotlight on domestic violence.

It happened at the East 55th St. stop in Cleveland.

The video shows a man roughing up the woman, swinging at her, and stealing her purse.

RTA police later arrested Curtis Tarver but the victim says she won't help send him to prison.

Emilia Guevara said, "They're making it out to be something that it shouldn't be and I hope they just send him home."

Linda Johanek from The Domestic Violence Center in Cleveland told us, "It's pretty common."

She says women often get attacked then tell police it was no big deal.  Maybe they're afraid of retaliation or maybe they hope the violence will stop.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors are still pushing the case against Curtis Tarver.

Many law enforcement agencies pursue these kinds of cases by themselves.

Johanek added, "Good detectives, good police generally are able to convict an offender even without the victim these days and that's how it should be."

Emilia says she even pulled a knife on Tarver as this confrontation played out.  So this could've gotten worse.  Still, Emilia says don't pass judgment without walking in her shoes.

"There's really no way for other people to understand," she said.

If 'you' need help, there is a 24-hour domestic violence hotline, 216-391-help.

Records show Curtis Tarver is now at the psych clinic. A trial is set soon. The video may say more than the victim.

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