Community drawn to Michelle Knight interview

Community members watch Michelle Knight interview
Community members watch Michelle Knight interview

Customers at City Nails, from Seymour Avenue, were listening and watching survivor Michelle Knight talk about what it was like to be held captive for more than a decade in Ariel Castro's house of horrors Wednesday evening.

"It makes me really sick . It's disgusting. Like why would he do that?" asks Alice Legg.

Michelle Knight described the unthinkable to Dr. Phil McGraw on the Dr. Phil Show.

"He said if anyone tried to escape that he would kill them," Michelle Knight told Dr. Phil.

The day the three women escaped the living hell was a day that Knight describes as a roller coaster of emotions.

She held on tight to one of the female officers.

"I wouldn't let go. I was like don't let me go. I wanted to kiss the ground that I was walking on. Thank God for letting me get out of that hell hole," says Knight.

"By watching her and seeing the expressions on her face I could just , no one will never know how they feel not even her family," says Latonya Watson.

Watson has lived near the neighborhood where Michelle and the other women were held captive.

She says watching her interview only strengthened her belief of how brave Michelle is.

"To get in front of the camera , in front of millions of people and talk about it, cause a lot of them probably don't want to talk. She is a very strong lady.'

A strong survivor who says her captor took the easy way out. Castro committed suicide in prison.

"He finally figured out that the pain that he put us through was the pain that he didn't want to go through," says Knight.

Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus are working on a book.

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