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Change coming to Cleveland City Council leadership

President-Elect Kevin Kelley President-Elect Kevin Kelley

A big change in the leadership of Cleveland City Council

With the election over, council members met on Thursday morning to select a President and Clerk to serve beginning January 1. 

West side Councilman Kevin Kelley challenged incumbent Martin Sweeney for the leadership of council, and had the votes to win. Kevin Kelley was then elected as Council President.

Patricia J. Britt was elected as Clerk of Council.

An angry Councilman Mike Polensek took the floor over the objections of current President Martin Sweeney. Polensek called the recent redistricting a political tearing up of Wards, and accused Sweeney of engaging in treachery and duplicity. He was backed up by Councilman Terrell Pruitt and Jeff Johnson.

The council presidency is a powerful position as the person elected makes all committee leadership appointments and sets Council's agenda.

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